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Facebook lowers its own "barrier to entry" – and what it means for brands

For as long as brand pages have existed on Facebook, so have promotions and a requirement that any brand campaign awarding a prize needs to be hosted through a third-party application. A number of sites exist to serve this purpose, offering brands the ability to host multi-faceted, creative giveaways backed by rules and regulations. Now, […]

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What to do on social media when “life happens”

I recently came across an article on Mashable titled “why businesses should act human on Facebook.” The core of the article was this: use common sense when it comes to posting on social media. You may spend hours upon hours creating the seemingly perfect social media plan – filled with engaging content, promotions, Facebook ads, […]

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Facebook unveils the #hashtag

Unless you have been hiding under a rock today, you are probably well aware that Facebook has…you guessed it…finally added the hashtag. This may not be that big of a deal for your everyday user, but for social media loving, PR pros (like us here at Full Circle), this is some exciting news! According to […]

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When it comes to Facebook, does it pay to pay?

Recently, we’ve been looking into the idea of promoted posts on Facebook and whether they are beneficial to our clients here at Full Circle PR. By purchasing paid posts, brands have the opportunity to get their content in front of the eyes of more Facebook users. Promoted posts appear higher in newsfeeds, so there’s a […]

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Facebook News Feed changes: The saga continues

The News Ticker. The Timeline. The new Search functionality. Facebook is in a constant state of flux; and whether users or marketers like it or not, we’re all in the middle of another update. On March 8, Facebook announced that it was rolling out changes to the News Feed (Feeds?) – with three updates to […]

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Black Friday No More?

Several retailers (or all of them; I quit counting after the third ad stated stores would open on Thanksgiving) opted to do away with their previously appreciated “closed on Thanksgiving” policies. I’m still unsure as to how I feel about stores opening for Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving Day, but I will admit, I was […]

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Tuning in and turning it on in the PR world

I recently noticed that Twitter’s internal company guidelines include a section simply titled: “Pay Attention.”  Co-founder Evan Williams explained that this section covered why “doing really well requires paying attention to what you are doing.” Am I actually focusing on the tasks at hand in a manner that makes not only a productive worker, but […]

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What is the future of architectural lighting?

If you keep up with the FCPR team, chances are you know that several of our clients play a part in the architecture and design industry. And through media relations, events and social media activities, we help connect them with the audiences that matter to their businesses. One of these audiences is the student and […]

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More reasons not to check your Newsfeed (and other Facebook news)

Not too long ago, I vented my frustrations about Facebook recently deciding to show every photo that a friend comments on or Likes in our Newsfeeds. And I’ve heard anecdotally that it bothers other people, too. Nonetheless, Facebook has not listened to my plight, and the TMI saga continues. Now, I read today that our […]

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Power of Positive PR

PR professionals are slacks, spin doctors and the voices behind corporate talking heads. If you’re in the industry, no doubt you’ve heard some of these negative connotations before. As easy as it may be to focus on negative stories that are out there about either uneducated or unethical PR practitioners, I challenge you to consider […]

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