4 steps to improve social media measurement reports

So you’ve had a great month managing your client’s social media channels – engagement is on the rise, follower numbers are doubling and you’re reaching more users everyday. But just how do you breakdown all of this information to share with your client? With all of the analytics that you can measure in addition to […]

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Social media, we need to talk

Dear social media, I’m afraid our relationship is almost through. In the beginning, things were so great between us! You showed me pictures of my friends, GIFs of dogs and cats playing together, and constantly updated streams of celebrity news (hashtag: overload). And it was all fun and games for a while. But then it […]

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Event planning: How to engage locally (when you’re 2,000 miles away)

Sometimes planning an event in an unfamiliar city (or even region) can present certain challenges. Without insight into the local community, getting the word out about your event takes a little extra thought, creativity and just plain elbow grease. The good news? With a little bit of research and a few new tricks, you can […]

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Cabela’s comes to Greenville!

One of the many perks of working in the field of Public Relations is being able to take on fun projects in your community and work on them as a team. Recently here at Full Circle, we’ve been granted the opportunity to provide PR support for the grand opening of South Carolina’s first Cabela’s. I’m […]

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The art of keeping media happy at events

If you’ve ever planned an event that involves the media, you know the challenges of keeping them happy and providing them with the coverage they need. This is a challenge with all events and it requires a certain finesse to know what the media needs before they ask for it. Our mantra for events is, […]

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How to make conference calls less lame

conference calls

I’m not a fan of conference calls. The larger the group of people on a call, the more awkward it becomes. The stopping, the starting, people chiming in and out, people talking over each other. While I value the cost efficiency a conference call can bring in gathering people from around the world together, there’s […]

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3 ways brands can enhance relationships with mom bloggers

Full Disclosure: Liza and I now author and manage a mom blog, TheMamaVillage.com.  Are you part of a brand that’s trying to reach the mommy blogging community? Full Circle PR has had the pleasure of reaching this impressive group over the past several years. If you haven’t heard by now, having mom bloggers’ input, feedback […]

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When’s the best time to email your pitch?

This week around the Full Circle PR office we are right in the middle of some big announcements for our clients. We’ve interviewed the CEOs, drafted the news releases, researched the editors and are ready to pitch. However, one question that always seems to be on the minds of PR professionals has been on my […]

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4 ways to stay relevant on social media

A recent article on Mashable shared 9 ways social media marketing will change in 2014. Overall, I thought  this was a great article, but felt Mashable was a little behind. Honestly, the majority of the list is based on how social media has changed, not how it will change. Nevertheless, I thought there were some good […]

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5 ways to improve your media relationships in 2014

It’s a new year, full of new brand goals and expectations. Maybe one of your aspirations this year includes generating more meaningful media coverage for your brand. You’re tired of reading news articles chock full of references to your competitors, and you want to change that by weighing in about all of the trends and […]

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