How to leverage social and content marketing for the future of PR

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PR is the new SEO. Today, it is imperative that you are consistently sharing original content across a spread of mediums in order to come up on Google Search Engine Results pages. With a diverse array of online, print and digital channels, the nature of communications is changing rapidly.

In short, there are three main types of coverage:

  • Content Coverage (Earned Media): Media Relations, Influencer Outreach, Bylined, Syndicated Stories
  • Content Broadcasting (Owned Media): Social Media and Email
  • Paid Media: Advertorials and Sponsored Posts

An integrated communications strategy ensures consistent messaging across all platforms. However, it’s important to not just create content for the sake of creating content. Rather, develop compelling stories that truly engage your audiences in a way that is customary and successful for each channel.

Plan where and how you’ll promote it to produce maximize results. You can take the same story and repurpose it to leverage content across all of these platforms. For example, you could take a blog story that is successful on your company homepage and turn it into an infographic to share on a visual social media channel like Facebook.

How are you leveraging your content for different channels?

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