Welcome Courtney to our PR team!

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(Photo courtesy of Jessi Nichols Photography)

If you’ve ever met the public relations team at FCPR, you may have noticed one thing. We love what we do and we work really hard – because we believe in our clients and their missions. We go through a pretty extensive interview process to find the right candidates to join our small – but mighty! – team. And we’d love to introduce you to Courtney, who has joined us as a public relations account coordinator.

We recently learned that two of Courtney’s biggest passions are photography and horses (she’s a lifestyle photographer and has been riding horses for about 14 years, respectively)

Currently, she’s enjoying helping her parents decorate their new office with some pointers from her favorite show, HGTV’s Fixer-Upper (you had us at hello!).

Finally, she’s in the process of joining a new church here – and became a member at a Crossfit gym just last month.

Interested in learning more about her? Read on for a brief Q&A! Welcome, Courtney!

  • What do you love most about Greenville?
    Its big-city feel, beautiful pedestrian-friendly downtown area and the fantastic restaurants are just a few aspects I love! I’m continually discovering the rich opportunities Greenville has to offer as I get more and more plugged into the community here.
  • What are you excited to learn about/participate in at FCPR?
    I’m looking forward to supporting my fellow teammates on projects for our wonderful clients, helping FCPR uphold its reputation for excellence, and simply being a part of this exceptional firm! I’m so thankful for this new opportunity and I am excited to learn and grow as I contribute to the team.
  • How do you describe what you do to people who ask? 
    I play a role in helping FCPR’s clients promote their brands in a professional and effective manner in order to grow their business and consumer loyalty. Through strategies ranging from influencer outreach and social media content management to promotional events and media relations, our team does whatever it takes to represent our clients well!
  • Knowing that you love photography, what is a quick, general tip to tell people who struggle to take good pictures?
    In situations with harsh, bright light, position your subject with their back to the sun (also called back-lighting) to avoid dark shadows and blown-out highlights!

Final thoughts from Courtney:

“I’m so excited to see what the future holds as I establish my roots in Greenville, and I am looking forward to seeing the growth in my career and my interests (stay tuned on my Crossfit progress!).”

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