Local coverage for our “passion project” Only Southern Made

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We know how to do PR. Plain and simple!

Liza and I have run Full Circle PR for almost seven years now. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long. Yet, at the same time, it feels like we just began this journey yesterday. While FCPR is still going strong – our team is so great we sometimes feel like we are just in the way – Liza and I had an idea late last year that we couldn’t quite get out of our minds.

You may know that Hannah is a member of our team. And she happens to run a very successful side business, Quite Swanky, where she creates and hand-letters beautiful signs from reclaimed wood. If you haven’t checked her out, do it now!

We were inspired by her success in the local maker community – and we wanted to find a way where we could support her, as well as other passionate artisans who are making incredible things locally and regionally.

Thus, Only Southern Made was born! It’s an online retail shop that Liza and I started with another partner and friend, Lindsay. We curate products, such as home accents, jewelry and other accessories that are great for the home – but even greater as gift ideas.

(Aren’t we all on the constant search to find that perfect “something” for friends, family members, teachers and hostesses?)

Only Southern Made recently launched and so, naturally, our instinct was to promote it to our local outlets. And we’re happy to share that we had a wonderful feature story in the Greenville News this past Saturday. We were able to see the value of PR firsthand as that weekend the story ran, we had our highest sales ever. And we are continuing to see referral traffic come from the story.

We are also combining social media advertising, e-mail marketing, sponsorships and special events into the rotation. Of course, we have social media channels, as well. It’s been fun to build something off the ground and use our existing skill sets to promote it. Check us out if you are in need of a gift idea (shameless plug, but necessary!). You know, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are just around the corner.


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