3 tips to identify the best online influencers for your ambassador programs

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Influencer outreach programs are a tremendous way to build brand recognition and loyalty in your social media planning.

We receive many questions about how we find and identify bloggers to communicate key messages on behalf of our clients.

“There are so many – what are the qualifications you take into account when selecting the right ones?!” they ask.

  • Number of followers – While numbers don’t tell us everything, we like to work with bloggers or online influencers who have a strong following. We are trying to get the word out, after all, and can’t do that effectively if we’re working with someone who has 12 Instagram followers!
  • Quality of content – Do they post frequently and consistently across their social media platforms? Do their images fall in line with the “look and feel” of your brand? Do they engage with comments, questions and interactions from their audience members? These are all important things to look for when evaluating quality content.
  • Is there a tie-in or link between their content and your brand’s? It’s important to remember that bloggers and influencers are looking to partner with brands and organizations where they can enhance activities for the audience members they’ve gained. If there aren’t similar messages, interests or industry activities to connect with, chances are it won’t be the right fit for your time, effort and budget.

We’ve had great success with blogger ambassador programs in 2015 and definitely look forward to more “wins” in the New Year.

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