REI takes “the road less traveled” this Black Friday

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Can you believe it’s already November? Time to throw out the pumpkin spice everything and bring out the Christmas songs, movies, decorations, and oh yeah – Black Friday ads. It seems like the advertising for Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping gets earlier and earlier every year…or maybe I’m just getting older and grumpier?

Anyways, I think it’s interesting how some brands are jumping on the bandwagon to open their stores on Thanksgiving so that their customers can “get the best deal,” and how some brands are totally ditching the idea of making their employees work on a family holiday – which I’m totally on board with.

I recently saw an article in USA Today that told how outdoor and sporting retailer REI is going to be closed on Thanksgiving AND Black Friday. Why you ask? They’re sticking to their brand messaging – encouraging their customers to get out and enjoy the outdoors. What a novel idea!

They’ve even created an entire marketing campaign out of it. Instead of using their ad dollars to just get lost in the hodgepodge of sale papers for Black Friday deals, they’re encouraging fans to stay away from the shopping and spend time with family doing “the simple things in life” outside instead.

I’m looking forward to monitoring this campaign to see the success. If you want to join me on Black Friday, I’ll definitely be contributing to their #OptOutside conversations online.

It will be neat to see how other retailers respond, how their customers react, and how “taking the road less traveled” on Black Friday pays off…or not.

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