Influencer marketing: 5 steps to finding the right influencers

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Long gone are the days of brands solely relying on paid advertising to drive sales. Don’t believe me? According to research firm Yankelovich, the average American is exposed to 5,000 advertisements a day. 5,000 advertisements a day! That’s insane and consumers are left not knowing what brand to listen to over the noise.

As a result, we’re seeing consumers place a higher value on the opinions of their peers. This is where influencer marketing comes in to play. Here at Full Circle PR, we’ve been putting an emphasis on influencer outreach and strategies for the past couple of years – and we’ve seen great success.

An influencer isn’t necessarily someone with just a loud voice (many followers) in your industry. An influencer is someone who has a drastic impact on your target audience – engaging many, gaining their trust and affecting their purchasing habits.

When done correctly, influencer outreach can greatly benefit your brand. Just take Lord & Taylor  for example – who identified 50 Instagram influencers, compensated them and provided them with a specific dress to style and share with their followers, all on the same day. The result? The dress completely sold out the following weekend.

So just how do you identify the correct influencers for your brand or campaign? Here are five steps I start with to find who will be the best fit.

  1. Identify key contributors through popular industry hashtags
  2. Evaluate social analytics AND engagement
  3. Read through their content and recent campaigns
  4. Ensure their audience is consistent with your target audience
  5. Be picky

Have you implemented influencer-marketing strategies for your brand? I’d love to hear your success stories too.

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