Content is King. Three Things to Consider When Developing a Content Marketing Plan.

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We live in an information economy – information is at everyone’s fingertips (thank you smartphones) and searching for products and services has never been easier. This instant access has also made comparisons that much simpler for consumers, thus providing more choices for any given item. More choices mean more competition in gaining the consumer’s engagement, trust, and ultimately the dollars they have to spend.

For brands, the need for relevant content can mean the difference between earning the customer’s loyalty (and consequential dollars) or losing it to the competition. More brands (and marketers) are looking to content marketing as an opportunity.

Even though content marketing has been considered the most important digital marketing trend of 2015, there’s still a surprising amount of brands who aren’t tackling it with a strategy. Without a strategy, how do marketers know who they’re talking to, what they’re talking about, and how are they going to report on its effectiveness?

Three key things to consider when jumping into content marketing:

Develop a strategy – the strategy should detail the target audience, the purpose the content will serve for the audience, goals for the program (KPIs) and a plan for measurement.

Content – content should address the needs of your audience and build your brand as an expert in the industry. The content must be relevant and should focus on educating your audience, as opposed to being promotional in nature. In addition, you should also have a plan for content – much like editorial calendars for magazines, you should outline topics ahead of time and plan for how and where the content will be published (blog, case study, video, etc.).

Metrics – it’s important to have a plan for measuring the effectiveness of your content marketing. Will you focus on quantitative metrics like page views, time spent on your site and sales; or will you focus on qualitative metrics like brand awareness and influence?

Content marketing, like all other marketing tactics, requires commitment and quality. With a clear strategy and a plan in place, brands can excel at content marketing and take advantage of the 61% of consumers who say they are more likely to buy from companies that create custom content.

What does your brand’s content marketing strategy look like, and how has it proved to be a successful marketing tool?

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