Marketing to Millennials: Part 3

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How can we market to millennials if we don’t understand how they differ from any other generation? We already know young adults are defying expectations now more than ever, but what exactly are those qualities?

Check out this data I pulled from an infographic recently shared by Forbes.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 10.21.34 AM

“Millennials ranked inward-focused values such as happiness, passion, sharing and discovery higher than the collective-focused values of the Baby Boomer generation, such as family and practicality.”

As a result, today’s youth would much rather save up for an adventurous vacation or large music festival than purchase a house or get married. Priorities have shifted. Millennials don’t want to miss out on unique sharable moments, and they seem to be more invested in experiences than in particular products.

One of our clients, Costa Sunglasses, does a great job of this in my opinion. They present their performance sunglasses as an afterthought by promoting the fishing lifestyles that their sunglasses support.

How does your brand incorporate the values of millennials when effectively marketing to them?

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