5 reasons you should be participating in Twitter chats

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I regularly participate in a popular kitchen and bath industry Twitter chat on behalf of one of our clients, Progress Lighting. Using the hashtag #KBTribeChat, users can follow and contribute to the conversation every Wednesday from 2-3 p.m. Each week, home improvement and interior design professionals and influencers come together for a lively online gathering on industry hot topics. Progress Lighting is a regular contributor – sharing their expertise on a range of topics, from social media tips to lighting best practices.

Twitter Chats Best Practices

The conversation moves at lightning speed (I honestly get dizzy scrolling through and reading the tweets) – but with the right tools and strategy, Twitter chats can be a huge win for your brand – boosting engagement, awareness and followers, all while positioning your brand as an expert in the field. Here are some of my best practices for participating in industry chats:

  • Pre-draft your tweets: Most Twitter chats provide you with a list of questions beforehand. The conversation moves so quickly, you’ll be glad you had a few pre-drafted tweets in the “bank” when the conversation gets rolling. It can be difficult to be clever on the fly – so a little thought beforehand goes a long way.
  • Use images: We all know an image is worth a thousand words – and with only 140 characters to spare, those words are as good as gold gold. Imagery drives engagement on Twitter and encourages users to favorite, comment and re-share your content. Plus, when your Twitter stream is scrolling so fast, it’s easy for tweets without images to get lost in the shuffle.
  • Engage with other users: The good thing about pre-drafting your tweets is that it frees you up to retweet, comment and reply to others in between your original tweets. Remember, it’s not a monologue. The goal is conversation – so be engaging. Also, follow relevant participants to close the loop on interaction.
  • Use Hootsuite: There are other tools that can help you better follow a conversation on Twitter, but Hootsuite has always been my platform of choice. Hootsuite allows you to create specific streams that track hashtags, so this is perfect for following a Twitter chat. You can also track your mentions in another stream, which makes it easy to interact with others.
  • Ask follow up questions: Part of engaging with others is asking questions. Ask other users to elaborate on their input or pose other related questions to the group.

What’s your Twitter chat advice?

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