10 Fun Facts about working in PR

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There’s something glorious about admitting you work  in Public Relations, isn’t there?

After being in the industry a little over three years now, here are 10 (slightly opinionated) facts that I’ve deemed true about working in the PR industry.

  1. PR never ever stops, and checking email in the middle of the night is completely normal.
  2. You can try to plan out your day, but you never really know what’s in store for you at the office.
  3. You never get bored.
  4. Rejection is part of the game – embrace it. Grow from it.
  5. Coffee is not recommended, it’s required…and wine, wine is good too.
  6. It’s a lot more work than just earning awesome client swag and taking part in once in a lifetime experiences… although those are big perks.
  7. Behind every successful campaign are probably hours spent in the brainstorming room, a 50 page PowerPoint and many, many analytics.
  8. You get to meet all types of people and create beneficial relationships.
  9. Not everyone does PR well.
  10. The end result is SO worth it.

I know PR is not all glamorous and far from the reality of the “Samantha Jones” lifestyle, but it definitely does have a lot to offer that’s exhilarating and incredibly rewarding. What would you add to my list?

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