Work hard, play hard (and get ready for some football!!)

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At FCPR, we subscribe to a “work hard, play hard” mentality. Kim and I spent last Saturday at Clemson University’s Coach Dabo Swinney Ladies Clinic, an event benefitting breast cancer research. More than 1,200 women participated, raising over $60,000 for the cause.

In addition to meeting the Clemson football players, coaching staff and touring the facilities (holy weight room, Batman!), Kim and I had a great day just hanging out as dear friends. When you work together as closely as we do, it’s important to take a time out every once in a while and just enjoy each other’s company.

We came back full of laughs, and ready for Clemson’s 2015 football season! And just in case the Tigers ever need a back up player on the team, let’s just say I’m “All In,” as Coach Swinney would say! Check out the video below:


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