The 5 Love Languages of Blogger Relations

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As with traditional media relations, blogger relations is all about building and maintaining lasting relationships (hence the word “relations“). The best blogger partnerships involve actions and conditions based on love, trust, respect and consistency -it’s sort of like building a healthy marriage. Now, that got me thinking. I started considering what makes up great blogger partnerships, and as I came up with best practices – they seemed to fall into the categories of “love languages.” (If you aren’t familiar with the five love languages, here’s a quick overview).

Here’s what I mean:


  • Words of Affirmation: If a blogger does something great – tell them about it. And if it involves your brand, shower them with praise! It’s important to encourage behavior you want them to repeat. If a blogger goes the extra mile to promote your brand’s event, let them know. If they meet a hard deadline, tell them how much you appreciate their dedication and care to meet your brand’s goals. Kind words go a long way. After all, who doesn’t love compliments?

I recently partnered with the blogger Five Minutes for Mom on a Twitter Party for Rack Room Shoes. Susan did an absolutely phenomenal job – she was thorough, professional, attentive – and the party was a huge success! After the party, I sent her an email explaining how much we enjoyed partnering with her. The next thing I knew, she wanted to include my feedback in her media kit with a shout-out to Full Circle PR. You never know what benefits you will reap by taking the time to compliment others! Not to mention, we are partnering with her again on another campaign for Rack Room Shoes. In a culture where busyness often takes the place of thankfulness – words of affirmation can have a lasting effect.

  • Gift Giving: While most bloggers require some form of compensation (whether product or monetary), it’s always nice to reward your top partners with a little something “extra.” Whether that’s new product samples, special deals or bonus coupons – an unexpected gift can help establish brand loyalty.
  • Quality Time: I’m not saying you need to spend an afternoon with a blogger partner, but I am saying that attention to detail and care – even in emails – shows that you have taken the time and energy to invest in the relationship. I don’t like when bloggers answer with five, careless words to my well thought-out pitches and ideas, so why would I treat others that way? Whether that’s taking the time to research their blog before reaching out, or taking the time to clearly map out ideas and expectations – time is love.
  • Acts of Service: Rather than being a pushy salesperson that portrays a me, me, me attitude, try shifting your perspective to how can I serve my blogger partners? This can be a tough one when trying to meet strict marketing goals – but believe it or not, it’s possible to meet your goals while also serving your blogger partners. This starts with selecting the right partners, and then inviting them into the partnership. Ask questions such as “what type of content resonates well with your audience?”, “what have you found to make up the most successful brand partnerships?” or “do you have any upcoming events where <insert brand name> could serve as a resource?” Put them first and you may be surprised at just how closely their goals can align with yours.
  • Physical Touch: Well, this is where the five love languages model breaks down – since most blogger contact is done through email and phone conversations (it’s not really a marriage). BUT, I will say that you can virtually “touch” your blogger partners with little “touches” and interactions on social media. Comment on their posts, share their content and compliment them in a space for all to see!

What elements have you found make up successful blogger partnerships?

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