How to approach a PR program and find the right agency

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I listened to this podcast by JenerationPR this morning while on the treadmill at the hotel. (My home away from home this week is Chicago, where I’m attending the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition.)

The interview walks you through:

  • How Jennifer’s PR and marketing firm came into existence
  • The importance of engaging in consistent PR activities
  • What to look for when identifying a good PR partner

I feel like her advice parallels a lot of the conversations Liza and I have throughout the days/weeks/years. While you definitely should listen to the entire podcast, here are a few takeaways.

* The best PR plan is an ongoing one – Like Jennifer, Liza and I receive a tremendous amount of calls from brands or individuals who plan to introduce a new product to the market – and want to hire us for a press release or for a month to help get the word out. A consistent program that embraces relationships and sharing messages and announcements on an ongoing basis is tremendously more impactful than a one time thing.

* How to choose a PR agency – If you’ve decided to commit to a long term PR program, the agency or team you select is important to your success. Referrals from friends and colleagues on who they’ve worked with, as well as an agency that has a history of success and knowledge of the industries you serve are good things to consider. Jennifer also suggests you take a look at brands you admire – or aspire to be – and find out who they are working with.

* Follow the passion – Whether you’re starting a business because you love what you do (in Jennifer’s case, she helped promote a beauty brand and got inspired by the results she created) or whether you’ve decided to start a partnership with a PR agency, it’s important to tap into enthusiasm. If you ask any one of our team members about a recent project we’ve worked on, you’ll notice immediately the passion we feel about what we do. It’s contagious – if you talk to people who are just going through the motions, RUN!

If you get a chance to listen to the YSF Magazine podcast, shoot me a note at kim(@) to let me know what you think – or comment to continue the conversation.

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