#lovenotes to FCPR

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Last week Liza shared an awesome note from a client in her Will Work For Thank Yous blog post.

Our team started thinking:

We have a lot of incredibly nice feedback from clients. Maybe we should share it?

Many of you may have heard about the site, Clients from Hell, where people (designers, mostly) submit outrageous stores from their clients. It’s funny to read – but I’m very grateful that our stories would mostly contain¬†Clients from Heaven ¬†tales.

It’s so much easier to write a comment when you are angry, mad or want to complain. Thankfully, those notes are pretty much nonexistent for our team. But we truly appreciate it when clients take the time to share positive feedback. Throughout the weeks, I’ll be sharing some more “love notes” similar to the one Liza shared in her original post.

We hope it will inspire you to share the love! Watch out for our newly created hashtag: #lovenotestoFCPR.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this love note from one of our contacts at Progress Lighting!

Thanks for everything you do, as always. When it comes to all of our digital media projects, you never disappoint. – Eric, Progress Lighting

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