If social media outlets were ‘Mean Girls’

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Do you find that people pick your brain with social media questions when they find out you work in public relations? I do, but I absolutely love it. I could talk about marketing strategies, best practices and analytics for social media all day!

However after a recent business trip where I received several questions asking what social media outlet I would recommend for [insert brand/event/ idea] and why, I began personifying social media channels in my mind. Sounds crazy I know, but let’s take a little #throwbackthursday and look at social media outlets as if they were characters from the movie ‘Mean Girls. Shall we?

Facebook is obviously the Regina George of social media. Facebook could be seen as the “top dog.” Fun fact – the outlet recently reached enough users to be the highest populated country in the world. Facebook knows what you’re doing, where you’re at and who you’re with. Sound familiar? I like to think of Facebook as the outlet that you don’t really like, but you have to be associated with it to connect with everyone else.

Next up, Instagram – the Cady Heron of social media. Once it hit the scene it was pretty artsy and kind of hipster, but now it’s become extremely popular and everyone seems to love it. As a visual outlet, it’s all about being seen. Ironically, Facebook owns Instagram (oh, the parallelism!), and the outlet’s content can be shared across almost any other social media channel when posting.

I like to think of Karen Smith when I think of Twitter. It’s popular, but no one really knows why. Twitter seems to follow the examples of other leading social media channels, such as Facebook that lets you tag users and Instagram that shares images. Like Karen, Twitter does know all the news, but no one really listens for longer than two minutes when you talk.

The Aaron Samuels of social media would have to be Pinterest. Filled with images of unrealistic homes, the perfect wedding and the most beautiful family meals baked from scratch – Pinterest offers plenty of inspirational eye candy, but let’s face it, it’s not real life. One can dream for hours though, can’t they?

Work doesn’t have to be boring – social media is all about being creative and having fun, all while engaging your audience. What ways do you think about social media outlets in trying to decide what channels would be best suited for your projects?

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