Marketing & PR: Teamwork makes the dream work

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Contrary to popular disbelief of those outside the industry (and some within), marketing and public relations operate as separate communication tools. The two work as independent strategies that, when in tandem, can really help a business thrive.

So what exactly is the difference? According to PR In Your Pajamas:

  • Marketing works to communicate the value of your offerings to your customers, clients, employees and investors through your OWN advertising. Essentially it’s you talking about yourself.
  • Public Relations works to build awareness and credibility for your company, product or service through a third party. Basically, it can be defined as others talking about you.

In my opinion the most successful companies are those that take full advantage of both communication tools.

You can’t focus on building sales and forget about building a reputation with your consumers. Just like it wouldn’t make any sense to only focus on brand loyalty with your customers and neglect to share what’s new and available from your company.

Marketing helps to move product quickly (through sales and promotions) and make your audience aware of what you have to offer. While PR takes more time, it provides credibility for the brand and helps consumers better understand the brand’s story. For example, being featured in an editor’s “Top 10 favorite picks of the season” can lead to impressive sales.

While some may argue that you could focus all your efforts on one or the other, I’m a firm believer that success comes from the two because I’ve seen the results first hand here at Full Circle Public Relations.

This topic is no stranger to PR discussions – what’s your take? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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