3 ways to grow your brand on Instagram

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As you may be aware from Kim’s blog post a few months ago, I started my own Etsy shop last year. I enjoying crafting and I thought I would share my work with others in my free time. Not wanting to spend dollars on advertising, I turned to Instagram to promote my page.

When I first started my Etsy Instagram page, I began scouring the web for ways to, “quickly gain followers and increase likes.” But through my searching, I found that I already knew the answer. Much like anything else in PR, growth and reputation comes from time and fostering relationships.

Ironically, I’ve recently been receiving those same inquiries I first asked from others who are just tapping into Instagram for their brand – so, I thought I would share the top three tactics I’ve found most successful.

  1. Consistency – Your post on Instagram is short lived. It’s only in the typical scrolling rage of your followers for the first day of so after posting. The best way to stay in front of your followers is to post consistently. I try my best to post at least once every day or two, and when I do post, it’s only one picture at a time. Spread your posts out over a number of days, posting at different times of day, so you’re more likely to reach more users who may all not be on at one specific time.
  2. Hashtags – I used to hate hashtags, but it’s safe to say they’ve won me over big time! (JT and Jimmy Fallon may or may not have had something to do with this.) Hashtags are the only way you can search on Instagram, and they’re the best way to find posts relevant to your brand while helping others to find you. I add an average of five to seven hashtags to every post. I decide on hashtags by asking myself, “what would I type in my search box if I was looking for this image?” You don’t want your hashtags to be too specific, but you don’t want them too vague either.
  3. Engage – If you are trying to grow your followers and reputation this is probably my biggest recommendation. You have to engage with others in your industry. Other than finding you through hashtag searches or the “posts you may like” feature, engaging with other users is the only way to get in front of your target audience. Just by commenting on other Etsy shop owners’ posts and starting conversations, I’ve gained several “friends” in the Etsy world. They’ve started following me, engaging with my posts and even better, shared my page with their followers. Once a day, I scroll through the hashtags I’m using to find out what others are sharing, and I comment or “like” various posts or shops that are similar to my brand.

Most likely you aren’t going to gain 1,000 followers in one night, it takes time and persistence. What strategies do you use to gain exposure for your brand on Instagram? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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