Why you should get to know your web team

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Full Circle PROver this past year, we have had the invaluable privilege of partnering with the web analytics team for a few of our clients. The information we have gathered through regular meetings with these key team members has proved to be extremely significant (and have helped drive some exciting results for our clients).

For one client in particular, we meet with the web strategy team each month to get an insider’s look at the behavior of  online visitors to the company website. We analyze everything from top key word searches to most popular products to website traffic drivers. We then develop a strategy based on this insight to improve our PR and communication efforts. Here are some ways that our repurposing efforts have proved successful:

  • Social media:  Identifying trends in buying and purchasing habits has helped us to create a purposeful social media content strategy that is based on our core customer.
  • Email marketing: By analyzing the behavior of online visitors, we can create targeted e-blasts that are a direct response to what that individual was previously viewing online.
  • Partner communications: Sharing trend information with key partners is a great way to serve as a resource and build strong relationships with important contacts.
  • Online advertising: Looking at key drivers to the company website can help determine where to allocate funds for an online advertising strategy that is going to have the greatest impact.

Do you meet use web analytics to drive your PR and communications efforts?

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