Social media boosts sales for QuiteSwanky’s handcrafted items

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Liza and I are big champions of entrepreneurs. Full Circle has been one of the best adventures of my life, and I encourage anyone to start a business or service if they are interested in for a wild ride and plenty of learning lessons.

I’m continually impressed by the creativity of our team members. Of course they have great ideas for pitches, reporting success and writing materials – but I’m talking about what they do when they’re not in the office.

Quite recently, Hannah started making birdhouses, rustic signs and other home decor items on Etsy. I noticed that she was becoming increasingly busy – so I asked her how she was getting so many orders. She said that word of mouth referrals and social media has helped a lot.

If one of your resolutions is to start using Instagram to promote your products, just follow Hannah’s lead by:

  • Sharing pictures of special orders. It’s fun to see what’s possible by learning what she’s currently working on.
  • Asking individuals for feedback. By engaging audience members in the process, she’s starting a dialogue that can lead to further sales.
  • Being energetic! You can tell that Hannah loves what she does. I’d rather purchase a product from someone who believes in what they are doing – wouldn’t you?

If you’re looking for presents/gift ideas for birthdays, weddings or special occasions, check out Hannah’s crafts at QuiteSwanky.

Happy New Year to all!!! We hope 2015 is the best year yet.

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