Great Expectations and Blogger Ambassador Programs

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Over the past several years, our team has definitely put an emphasis on creating meaningful relationships with bloggers – to educate new and existing customers of our clients’ products, services and key initiatives throughout the year.

Through time and experience, we’ve developed a rhythm to identifing the best bloggers for the opportunity at hand, while setting realistic expectations that all parties can agree upon.

Carolyn attended the Type-A Parent blogging conference this summer and shared some insight on what bloggers are looking for when they work with brands. You can also learn more here in a follow up post.

First and foremost, bloggers want to share information that resonates with her audience while using their own voice and creativity to share the message.

But they also want to know what the brand/brand representative expects.

  • Is one blog post sufficient?
  • Should it be shared across all social channels?
  • Is this an evergreen story that can wait to be posted in three months?

After speaking with several Type-A Parent attendees, Carolyn learned that many appreciate a phone call at the onset of a project to discuss expectations.

We recommend starting off with an open ended conversation so that everyone can feel comfortable with what defines “success” of a particular program. Afterwards, you can follow up with an expectation sheet that summarizes:

  • A timeframe when a blog should be posted.
  • Whether or not the brand will be mentioned on other online platforms.
  • General guidelines on how blog posts can be optimized to increase keyword performance in search.
  • How brands will receive feedback on a particular post (will the blogger share analytics specific to the brand’s post so you can evaluate and fine-tune future partnerships).

Also, we recommend creating programs that are more long-term in nature. A six-month to yearlong agreement can definitely help enhance a relationships and build strong brand awareness opposed to a one-off project in most circumstances.

So what tips have you learned along the way while working with bloggers? We’d love to hear from you.

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