Is pure editorial a rarity these days?

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When I first started my career in PR, the editorial and advertising departments in any newspaper, magazine and T.V acheter viagra en allemagne. stations seemingly were separated by brick walls. To protect the journalistic integrity of news content, I had thought the two entities may as well have been church and state.

Flash forward many years later – and factor in declining readership, new ways to obtain content, news team fighting for online and digital space – and you’ll see we are in a very different landscape.

Over the years, I’ve seen more “pay for play” opportunities come up, which require an ad buy of some kind for the possibility of editorial exposure – even when it comes to “new media” activities.

I understand that this is the way it is, even though it hurts my heart a bit.

So imagine my surprise when I spoke with an editor this week about setting up a profile for one of my clients in his magazine.

After he presented the opportunity, I sheepishly asked if there were any sponsorship fees associated or if we’d have to provide a list of vendors to them so they could try to secure ad space alongside of the profile. His response was so refreshing!

“Seriously, we don’t sell our edit. But, after 25 years in business, we believe our edit sells.”

Wonderful! I’m not trying to change today’s landscape but I thought it was wonderful to see that there are some outlets that do keep editorial content separate from any paid placements.

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