How brands can enhance blogger relationships

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Carolyn shared insights from her recent trip to Atlanta to the Type-A Parent conference, which has helped our team think about how we can enhance our own relationships with bloggers for the variety of brands we represent.

I particularly enjoyed hearing her feedback from a keynote presentation that Mack Collier delivered. One of the highlights that resonated with me was that it’s important for brands to offer constant interaction with advocates on social media channels.

To support this notion, Carolyn mentioned that this was exactly one of the comments she heard repeatedly from mommy bloggers:

“We wish our brands would interact with us on social media.”

As social media experts, we spend a lot of time developing a strategy for the online channels we manage. It’s a thoughtful process and takes quite a lot of effort to build an editorial calendar that offers engaging content that is align with seasonal events, promotions, product introductions and other marketing activities. However, we need to be flexible enough to account for posts and activities that reward individuals who are talking about our brands and tagging us – by responding, sharing, thanking and taking interaction to a more frequent level.

Another directive from Collier was to “Get in the face of your fans”

How can this be done? For starters, brands should be thinking about how they can constantly be spotlighting their fans and bloggers.

  • Reward them – ask them to write a guest blog post or highlight a different fan/blogger in a weekly spotlight online.
  • Thank them – thank fans and bloggers for their time, for their comments, for their questions – and do your best to continue the conversation (both online and offline).
  • Respond to them – Just like anyone else, bloggers want brands to really appreciate them. And responding to them shows that you appreciate their time and expertise.

How have you interacted with bloggers who represent your brand? We’d love to hear success stories – we know they are out there!

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