Dear Brands…Sincerely, Bloggers.

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As many of you know, I recently attended the Type A Parent blogger conference a few weeks ago in Atlanta. In case you missed it, here’s a breakdown of what I named as the “most important lessons learned” from the event. In addition to these over-arching lessons, I consider the insight I gained from bloggers to be invaluable.

After 3+ days of interacting with bloggers and asking the same question over and over…

“In your opinion, what makes for a successful brand-blogger partnership?” …

I started to notice some distinct patterns in responses. After compiling my notes, here were my key takeaways, straight from the mouths of the influencers.

9aZO2G1413560293“I love when brands re-share my content and interact with me on social media.” Kim dives into this extremely important element of blogger relationships in this blog post.

“I appreciate brands who define expectations upfront.” Share your ideas, expectations and goals with your blogger partners at the onset of the project. Most bloggers shared that they appreciated a key message sheet to reference for brand sponsored posts.

“It’s important for me to maintain my authentic voice and provide relevant content to my readers.” Bloggers want freedom to use their creativity. They want to create a story around brand-centric content and the freedom to write in way that is consistent with their voice. And as a brand – this is what we want. No one likes to read a post that sounds like an ad straight from the mouths of the marketers. Up-front collaboration is key.

“Will work for product. Won’t work for free.” Almost all the bloggers I spoke with said that they require some sort of compensation for working with brands – either in cash, gift cards or product.

What have your learned makes for a successful brand-blogger partnership? I’d love to add your ideas and observations to my list!

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