5 Ways to Boost Your Professional Development

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Between back-to-back meetings, endless project to-do lists and deadlines, it can be hard to carve out time for your own professional development. But no matter where you are in your career journey, finding time to continually learn, stay inspired and expand your skills is crucial to staying relevant in today’s rapidly changing business world.

Here are five ways to jump start your career inspiration through professional development:

1. Read a book. Sometimes you find yourself in a creative idea wasteland. Your brainstorms leave you uninspired and, well, bored. A quick way to jump start your creative daydreaming is to read an inspirational story. We’re reading “Winning the Story Wars,” by Jonah Sachs right now, and it’s giving us some great motivation to mix up the way we think about storytelling.

2. Watch a TEDx Talk. Need a quick inspiration boost? Spend an hour watching a few different TEDx speakers blow your mind with compelling stories and strategic insight on topics ranging from business to science to design.

3. Attend a professional development conference. If you have the ability, try to attend one conference per year focused on trends impacting your industry. You’ll be able to build real relationships with all those folks you talk to online, and hopefully bring home some new learnings to kick start your idea generation process. Carolyn attended the Type-A-Parent conference in Atlanta this past weekend. Since we build relationships for¬†our clients and mommy bloggers, this was a great place for Carolyn to get to know some of these folks in real life, and learn how we can better facilitate information between the two groups.

4. Take a walk. Some of the best ideas aren’t founded in a window-less, stifling conference rooms — they’re generated in the great outdoors. The next time you find your creative genius in slump,¬†download your favorite professional development podcast, plug in your earphones and take a walk. You can learn and exercise at the same time – double win!

5. Go back to school. Depending on your industry and career aspirations, it might be time to consider going back to school. There are loads of online courses, some of them free, not to mention accredited degree programs designed to accommodate working professionals.

How do you find time to keep learning in your business? Do you make it a priority, or has it fallen by the wayside? Let us know some other ways you keep professional development front and center in your career.

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