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In my last blog post on reasons you should make bloggers a priority for your brand I cited a statement made by Footwear Plus magazine that “fashion bloggers are more likely to influence a purchase than online fashion magazines.”

While there’s really no question about the influence that bloggers have over us as consumers, on the brand side, finding those star influencers can sometimes prove more challenging then you would think.

I have found that certain PR software tools that are fantastic for identifying your traditional outlets, just haven’t quite mastered the blogosphere. With this in mind, I wanted to share 4 tools/methods that I have found to be invaluable in researching and identifying bloggers, influencers and ambassadors for brands.

  1. Search for “top <insert relevant topic> blogger” lists. Some of my best bloggers have come from round-ups published by various outlets (or blogs) on the top bloggers on a certain topic (example: Best Fashion Mom Bloggers). I normally find these lists by your good, old-fashioned google search with some variations of key words. Once you find a nice round-up, be sure to check the date that the article or list was published to ensure the bloggers themselves are not outdated.
  2. Use blog rolls featured on other blogs. Many bloggers will keep running blog rolls on their site to highlight their favorite bloggers that write on similar topics. These can be an extremely helpful resource.
  3. Take advantage of influencer finder tools. For example, the site WeFollow.com is a great tool designed to help identify top Twitter influencers for various topics. This site is also relevant for blogger research, as most influential bloggers have a robust Twitter presence and almost always mention their blogs in their Twitter profile.
  4. Leverage relationships with current bloggers. I have also found success in simply asking our current blogger partners to share other “blogger friends” that might be interested in similar partnership opportunities. I have yet to have a blogger ignore my request – and have made some great connections with new bloggers!

What are some ways you research and identify new ambassadors for your brand?


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