How to be a “super intern”

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Good luck, Kelsey! Thanks for being a super-intern!

Today a new intern joined our team. Courtney is replacing Kelsey for the fall semester, and we are all looking forward to getting to know Courtney and working with her.

We’ve had the privilege of working with Kelsey this summer, and it’s safe to say that we’ve all enjoyed working with her.

While she is fun to be around, she also helped our team immensely. In fact, when she began working with Full Circle PR, I had just returned from maternity leave and 90% of our office was traveling across the country with one of our clients.

But she got the hang of the way our agency operates immediately. To all of you who are starting an internship, here are few things that you can do to become a super intern – just like Kelsey.

Communicate – With any one client, our team manages literally dozens and dozens of activities – all with different deadlines.

According to Carolyn, Kelsey “always does a good job of letting me know where she is with a particular project.”

Ask Questions – We don’t expect an intern to understand every project right off the bat. But as an intern, it’s your responsibility to ask questions and learn how you can complete a project on time with minimal errors. Don’t wait until the deadline to start asking questions.

Hannah has said several times that Kelsey “always asks good questions at the onset of a project.”

Show Interest – When I was an intern, I was charged with compiling hundreds of press kits manually. These press kits were cumbersome, made of paper (I had many paper cuts back in the day!) – and it literally took days to put them together. Instead of complaining, I really tried to understand the point of the press kit. Who was this going to? What was the decision behind including certain information? What did we expect the recipient to do with the materials once they received them (via snail mail)?

When I asked Heather about Kelsey she said she always tries to understand a project instead of just doing it. “She actually seemed interested in the purpose of the project,” said Heather.

Pay Attention to Details – Having attention to detail is crucial to complete any public relations project. In PR, image is everything, so we place an extra emphasis on ensuring consistency and accuracy. If a client’s CEO saw something we created – whether a clip report, news release, planning document or media list – would they be impressed? If not, we’d better start over.

Be Nice – Kelsey is just generally a good person to be around. She adds a positive element to our atmosphere and made it a priority to try to get to know us better.

Even just participating in a conversation around the water cooler goes a long way.

With that, the FCPR team wishes Kelsey a successful semester as she returns to school! We know that she will be a superstar when she joins the workforce after graduation. I can’t wait to follow her career!

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