5 reasons to make bloggers a priority for your brand

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One of my favorite projects I’ve been working on this season is building partnerships with mom bloggers. For family footwear retailer Rack Room Shoes, this is a no-brainer target market – especially during the busiest time of the year for the company – the Back to School season.

In 2013, eMarketer reported an overwhelming 4.2 million mom bloggers on the internet.

In 2013, eMarketer reported an overwhelming 4.2 million mom bloggers on the internet.

I’ve absolutely loved this initiative. I mean, it’s my job to browse and research blogs that are filled with fashion tips, great recipes, funny stories, adorable baby pictures – talk about entertaining research. I almost feel like I’m ready to start my own mom blog (except for that minor detail of not having any children yet…I guess I’ll have to wait).

Through our targeted outreach, I’ve learned that these moms have got the brand and sponsorship business down to a science, and for good reason. Brands want to partner with them, send them free products, pay them money. But, why? What really makes this channel such an attractive avenue for brands?

I recently read article in Footwear Plus evaluating the influence of fashion bloggers. I thought it had some compelling insight into the blogosphere. While these points relate specifically to fashion bloggers, I think much of this can be adapted to other industries, as well.

  • Fans respond to blogger advice on what to wear and what to buy. Bloggers have the power to introduce new brands and accelerate trends.
  • Readers look to bloggers to help make buying decisions. The article mentions the ROI with bloggers is much greater than paying a celebrity to send out a tweet (due to fashion bloggers’ uniquely deep engagement and influence).
  • Fashion bloggers are more likely to influence a purchase than online fashion magazines. They bring a new level of authenticity to brands, and connect with consumers in a way beyond the corporate marketing world.
  • Brand-blogger collaborations are growing faster than ever.
  • Bloggers help “romance the product.” It’s no longer enough for retailers to just put their product out there and state the facts.

What successes have you had in reaching out to bloggers? Do you think this is a group that will continue to grow in influence?

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