How to prepare for 2015 planning

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New year, new ideas and new possibilities

New year, new ideas and new possibilities

Incredible as it may seem, it’s time to start planning for 2015. We’ve had preliminary conversations with many of our clients – and our team is preparing to talk about new projects for the new year, evaluate our performance for 2014 and think of new ideas for the future.

So how can you get ready for 2015?

  • Ask the client lots of questions – Are there any new products or events that will be introduced in 2015? What are your goals for the New Year? Is there anything different you are being challenged with for 2015?  Are there any new audiences to consider? Also, if you can gain access to sales data, that will help identify trends and areas of focus for the new year.
  • Evaluate – Dust off the 2014 plan. Did you meet the goals set forth? Why or why not? Have you uncovered new findings or ways of improving certain efforts? Were you able to communicate key messages to your target audiences? What have you learned this year that could be applied to next year’s success?
  • Be creative – Even if you had a banner year, try not to just replicate a PR program. Incorporate successful items and activities, while thinking of new ways to promote your brand or client.
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