3 things to do when preparing for maternity leave

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The boys' first visit to FCPR while I was on maternity leave.

The boys’ first visit to FCPR while I was on maternity leave.

This February, I wrote a post on The Mama Village (a mommy blog Liza and I coauthor) about how to prepare when going on maternity leave. Little did I know, I’d be on maternity leave two short weeks later!

I think our process at Full Circle PR worked – and wanted to share on this channel in case anyone is a little worried about going on maternity leave themselves.

  • Create and update a maternity leave workflow document. I like to see everything written out so I created a document on our shared server that outlined client activities and updates on what I was working on. (I literally updated this document every hour on the hour – I wanted it to be as accurate as possible!)
  • Front load as much work as possible – This may not be in everyone’s DNA but I truly love my team and did not want to leave anyone in a lurch when I was gone. If there was something on my to do list, I tried to complete it to the best of my ability right then and there – I didn’t know when I would have the boys and didn’t procrastinate when it came to helping out with projects.
  • Communicate – We had status meetings. I updated a maternity leave document, as well as individual client status reports. And I was on the phone so much with the team that I literally went over on my cell phone minutes! (Something I haven’t accomplished in quite a while.)

Being a public relations professional means that we live in a fast-paced environment. It’s not possible to anticipate every scenario that will come up when someone is gone for an extended amount of time, but the above tips may be helpful in preparing others to help as much as they can while you’re away.

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