3 ways brands can enhance relationships with mom bloggers

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Reaching out to mom bloggers can be fun - but requires a lot of work to build a mutual relationship.

Reaching out to mom bloggers can be fun – but requires a lot of work to build mutual relationships.

Full Disclosure: Liza and I now author and manage a mom blog, TheMamaVillage.com

Are you part of a brand that’s trying to reach the mommy blogging community?

Full Circle PR has had the pleasure of reaching this impressive group over the past several years. If you haven’t heard by now, having mom bloggers’ input, feedback and validation can be very valuable to brands, while helping them reach their target audience.

The FCPR has learned a lot over the past few years about reaching this community. And since Liza and I started our own mom blog, we’ve learned even more.

Here are a few tips to get started:

  • Do your research! Mom bloggers – just like any other blogger – have their own interests. From fashion and crafts and cooking to parenting, there are a variety of topics that someone will gravitate towards. You’ll need to look at their categories, recent posts and even research content on their social media channels in order to craft a relevant pitch.
  • Offer bloggers something unique (based on your research) – Does your brand manufacture car seats? Then you’ll want to target expecting moms and possibly offer a car seat to try out and review. Does your target audience depend on the latest fashion trends? In this case, you’ll need to reach out to mommy bloggers who have a section dedicated to fashion – so you can offer them free product, a sneak peek of upcoming trends or possibly a new accessory to pair with several outfits.
  • Compensate fairly – Whether you provide product, gift cards or payment for sponsored posts, keep in mind that mom bloggers are putting in serious time, dedication and commitment to creating product reviews, spotlights or giveaways that help promote your brand. Each blogger will be different – but you should work with them up front to learn how they like to be compensated.

Whether national, regional or local, mom bloggers have a tremendous influence on their audience and readers. If your communications plan includes targeting mom bloggers, take some time to do research and build relationships the right way.


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