What to do when the content well runs dry…

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When you manage a brand that’s on multiple social media channels, let’s face it – maintaining a steady flow of content can present a real challenge at times. Especially when each channel demands something  a little different – like a 15 second video for Instagram versus a 200-word blog post.

photo (23)A few weeks ago, I wrote an article on how types of content should differ from channel to channel. But even before that, here are some ways to develop fresh content when the “well runs dry.”

  • Read industry blogs, columns and publications to find interesting articles to reference in your posts, tweets, etc. Rather than just posting a link to the article, take it a step further by adding your brand’s take on the content or linking it to a product your company carries.
  • Use website analytics to guide content. Take a look at the “back-end” analytics of your website such as most popular products, online trends, top traffic drivers, search functions, etc. related to your brand. This is easy insight into what your audience gravitates towards, and social media is just another way to fuel the fire.
  • Participate in industry hashtags or special days. Setting up weekly posts that coincide with popular industry trends is an easy way to fill up a slot on that social media editorial calendar. Or, create your own. For example, for Rack Room Shoes, we host #FallTrendFridays on Facebook and Twitter and highlight a new fall trend each week.
  • Consult industry experts. Whether part of your company or not, take a look at the content that industry experts are putting out and brainstorm ways to repurpose or share on your brand’s channel.
  • Track your competitors to see what content they are producing, and how the audience is responding. You probably should track them anyways, so why not see if searching their channels sparks some ideas of your own.
  • Converse with internal contacts. The people inside your brand’s company probably are a greater resource than you might originally think. Ask around to see if there are internal events, company news, opportunities for interviews, etc.

What do you do when your channels need a content refresher?



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