Taking it to the next level

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I love it when people go beyond their job descriptions to offer unique experiences for their fans, customers, employees.

From grocery store employees to customer service representatives and even healthcare professionals, so many individuals have gone out of their way to help me – completing exceeding expectations (which honestly are usually low to begin with).

You can even read a recent example of how much a difference it makes when someone who clearly loves their job steps in to surprise us all from our friends at Brains on Fire in their blog post, “Permission to be awesome.”

I try to communicate to our team members that just checking items off a to do list isn’t enough in our service-based business.

We need to:

  • Constantly find new ways to make our activities and assignments successful.
  • Do everything we can to know about our clients’ business.
  • Present unique ideas to colleagues and peers so we can remain a valuable asset to them.

How can you accomplish this for your brands?

  • Don’t wait for direction from your boss/client – When we see trends, new updates for social media channels or competitive activities, we share these findings with our team, translate what it might mean to them/their business and provide ideas on how we can capitalize on the information.
  • Don’t make someone ask for something more than once – People are busier than ever these days.  When I ask someone to send something, research an activity or put together a presentation, I don’t want to have to follow up behind them to see if this request was completed or ask if it was done.  I expect that my clients feel the same and always keep them updated on requests by 1) acknowledging requests 2) letting them know how I plan to move forward with request 3) confirming when activity is done.
  • Do everything you can to be a resource to someone – Think of new ideas without being asked, share interesting industry information with your team proactively or revamp an outdated reporting method to make it easier to identify success.

Our team is great at “taking it to the next level.” As a result, we’ve been able to:

  • Increase attendance to record-breaking numbers for certain client events
  • Increase online traffic referrals for some social media channels by 300% year over year
  • Make our clients look good with targeted media coverage that we secure

Most importantly, we have received wonderful complements from our clients, which is more valuable than any data point.

How do you prove your worth in the business world?

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