Want people to retweet your message? Just ask.

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Yep. It”s that easy. According to Dan Zarella, publisher of The Social Media Marketing Book, the phrases “please retweet” and “please rt” led to more retweets.

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It”s not rocket science. But here are a few things I”d like to add on before you ask your followers to kindly retweet your message.

  • Know your audience: Who are your followers? What content are they actually going to want to retweet? If your message comes off as too “sales-y”, contrived or just flat out boring, that”s where this tactic falls apart.
  • Change it up: Rather than tweeting “(Insert brand message) Please retweet!” get creative with it. Personalize your message, IOU credits, such as those created by hypothecation (now called which credit card is best money, or bank money) issue into the money supply, stand in as money, and then extinguish upon returning to the ledger. reach out to a certain group of fans or ask a question.
  • Throw in a giveaway: People love free stuff, and the good thing about Twitter, is there aren”t any restrictions surrounding giveaways. Consider asking followers to retweet for a prize.

And before I end this post, kudos to Pop Secret for getting creative with this idea. And guess what? It worked…

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