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You’re scrolling through your Instagram feed admiring vintage-inspired still images of Starbucks cups or your best friend’s dog and then BAM! The picture starts moving and the dog begins to bark…

Say hello to Instagram video. Are you a fan?

I’m not going to lie…I haven’t been completely sold on the idea yet. But I’m warming up to it, especially after the announcement last week. You can now upload pre-recorded videos of the past, instead of creating your posts on the fly.

This is a major upgrade for Instagram in my opinion, and puts this Facebook-owned channel above its competitor, Vine. For those of you who aren’t up to speed, Instagram originally began as simply a photo-sharing app. In its initial prime, last fall, Caitlin shared a great post on 10 creative ways to use Instagram for your brand.

However, with the new ability to pre-record your video content, users, more specifically brands, can really take Instagram to the next level. For the first time, content can be perfectly edited uploads rather than made-from-scratch videos. And although the upgrade announcement was made less than a week ago, brands are already jumping onboard. Check out this great example from Gap –

I’m interested to learn more and find creative ways for my clients to create video content specifically geared for Instagram. If at all, how will you use this for your brand pages?

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