Do you need a vacation – from social media?

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Have you ever temporarily deactivated your Facebook or Twitter account? Or simply vowed to stay away? What about Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram or the many other social media channels available for Internet savvy users?

This article by Mashable claims that Internet users are suffering from social media overload, and are looking for a social media vacation! As people are getting busier and managing more online profiles, it is becoming increasingly important to manage your time effectively.

As PR professionals, we not only manage our personal accounts, but likely our clients’ profiles too. Here are a few tips for keeping your social media posts organized in the workplace:

  • Create a calendar to organize weekly and monthly themes
  • Plan your posts in advance if possible
  • If it fits with your strategy, try posting on different channels each day of the week (for example: Facebook on Tuesday/Thursday; Twitter on Monday/Wednesday/Friday)
  • Repurpose content when appropriate

Do you have any additional suggestions for how to manage multiple social media channels?

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