Pitching national media: Try, try, try again

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If you are in the field of PR, you probably have had the pleasure of pitching the national media. And with that, you probably have experienced one of the following responses from the national media: silence, rejection, gatekeeper after gatekeeper – you get the idea.

When it comes to these larger outlets, it”s harder to get your foot in the door. If you don”t have a newsworthy story, forget it. But if you feel with all your heart that your story is indeed fit for a nationwide audience, sometimes a little creativity goes a long way.

Here are some new ideas for pitching national media that go beyond your traditional email pitch and press release:

  • Well-thought-out product packages: The key words here are “well thought out.” Don”t just throw a handful of t-shirts in a UPS casino online box, slap a label on it and call it a day. Add a handwritten, thoughtful note. Research your contact”s interests – maybe tie the color of the t-shirt into their alma mater?
  • Complimentary note: Everyone likes a little fan mail from time to time, especially when you are receiving thousands of emails a day reading “feature my brand!” Send an email (maybe without a pitch this time) and comment on a recent article the editor wrote, compliment a segment or just say thank you.
  • Tweet, Tweet: Research the producer/editor to see if they have their own personal Twitter handle, are active on the platform and regularly interact with fans. If the answer is “yes,” begin by following, RTed interesting articles and replying to relevant tweets.

And when it comes to thinking outside the box for getting in touch with that Good Morning America producer or Fox and Friends host, try, try, try again. One tweet probably won”t do the trick, but a combination of the above, just might be the recipe for success.

How do you creatively get in front of national outlets?

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