How to increase entries for online promotions

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Hosting online promotions is a great way to gather data about the individuals who are entering, as well as increase fans, followers and (hopefully) engagement for your brand.

Included below are a few things our team at Full Circle PR has discovered in creating and managing contests for our clients:

  • The more steps required, the fewer entries you’ll receive.  For example, if you ask someone to submit a 300-word description along with a photo you should expect to receive less activity than if you just asked for a photo submission.  This also rings true for instructions on how to enter a contest (we’ve seen some doozy requirements for entering contests through Pinterest where I literally lost interest after the first step among many!)
  • Keep it simple when gathering contact information – Try to limit the number of fields, such as requiring just a name and email address.  If you ask for a mailing address, phone number, picture, email address (you get the idea), you’ll likely lose many in the process.
  • Asking for video entries is a very high barrier to entry – Even with Instagram, Vine, iPhones and other devices that make it easier than ever to collect video, it’s been our experience that brands will receive fewer entries by asking for video entries.
  • Be creative – I recently saw this giveaway that was super easy to enter – and it allowed individuals to earn extra entries by offering the opportunity to follow the host on Twitter, sign up for a newsletter, etc.
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