What to do on social media when “life happens”

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I recently came across an article on Mashable titled “why businesses should act human on Facebook.” The core of the article was this: use common sense when it comes to posting on social media.

You may spend hours upon hours creating the seemingly perfect social media plan – filled with engaging content, promotions, Facebook ads, whatever. You are certain the plan is going to give you the ROI you’ve been waiting for. And then, life happens. A hurricane sweeps the east coast, a powerplant explodes in Texas, a tornado rocks the midwest. All of the sudden when you thought your newsfeed would be filled with fans sharing your greatest product giveaway, the latest tragedy prevails.

As in our “life plans”, even our social media agenda gets shaken from time to time. My best advice? Be human. Be compassionate. Use common sense. ADAPT. 


Wait for the storm to calm before moving forward with your social media agenda.

The Mashable article shared a neat example of how a bike tour business, put their seemingly perfect marketing schedule on hold in the midst of a tragedy. The brand shared with their audience the effects of a terrible flood in their area, and the post received great engagement.

Now, does this mean we need to comment on every tragedy, disaster, hiccup or misfortune? Absolutely not.  But it might be worth it to put your plans on hold and stop posting until the storm calms.

As Liza so eloquently put it in her post “Common Sense Should Reign in PR,public relations is about positioning your message to the right people at the right time.


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