Three things to remember about media relations

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We correspond with editors on a daily basis, and over the last few weeks, it seems to have been more intense with lots of news to share from our clients. I’ve been emailing and calling editors to share news, as well as to simply touch base and hear what they’re working on.

When I am fortunate enough to get an editor on the phone (or get a response via email), I always make sure to express my appreciation for their time and response. I know I like for my efforts to be appreciated, so I always strive to show the same for the people I work with. Showing sincerity is important to remember in media relations, and here are a few tips I’ve found helpful.

  • Ask if they have a moment to speak with you. If you don’t have a scheduled call with an editor, always ask if they have time to talk when you call. This allows them to let you know how much time they have, so you can cover the highlights and follow up with additional details in an email. If you are respectful of their time, they tend to be more receptive and responsive during future conversations.
  • Say thank you. Always show your appreciation for their time and coverage. I followed up with an editor who wrote a great article on Costa Sunglasses in May and this was his response, “I couldn’t have done it without your help. Thanks.” When you show your respect and appreciation, editors will oftentimes reciprocate the sentiment, and this helps to continue to foster the relationship that you’re building via email and phone.
  • Don’t make the conversation one sided. Yes, editors love to hear about new products and news from your company, but sometimes the information just isn’t relevant to what they’re working on. Always take time to ask your media contacts what they’re working on or how they’ve been. These types of questions will allow them to open up to you more and continue to grow the working relationship you have.

What tips have you learned to create and maintain positive media relations?

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