Myspace: the great social comeback story?

By Posted in - Blog & Social Media on June 18th, 2013 0 Comments

Find your Hotmail password, refresh your Top Friends list and choose your new profile song – because Myspace is back. No, for real this time. While palm-to-forehead might have been your first reaction to the news, it’s hard to ignore any relaunch backed by a $20 million ad campaign.

As one of the first online social channels, MySpace once catered to the masses but fell swiftly when Facebook took the stage. And after several attempts to regain its footing, Myspace is now branding itself as the go-to online community for musicians, photographers and other artists.

Will uber-hipster video clips, celebrity appearances and new features be the right marketing potion for Myspace to resurrect its popularity on the social media scene? And if so, what’s the opportunity for brands who serve the site’s niche audience?

For marketers, the key is to treat Myspace as any other new social network. Stay up to date on the site’s capabilities, evaluate its audience and monitor conversations. Decide if it makes sense for your brand to join, then establish a plan for engagement and measurable goals.

To other social media managers of the world: what potential (if any) do you see in the “new” Myspace?

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