Love to Learn

By Posted in - Blog & Public Relations & Social Media on June 30th, 2013 0 Comments
I heart emoticons.

Hannah created a special emoticon for the Kyle Petty Charity Ride!

Liza and I have seen companies go out of business (unfortunately) simply because the company’s leaders couldn’t – or wouldn’t – keep up with the times.

In the public relations and social media industries, there is literally something new to learn each day. Whether it’s getting up to speed on a new tool or learning about updates to an existing channel, it can be challenging just to stay current.  In a recent post, Carolyn encourages us to “get on board” with Snapchat and Online Newsrooms.

That’s where our awesome team comes in. I love having a youthful, motivated and enthusiastic team. They’ve taught me to love emoticons – and branch out beyond my standard 🙂 – explore Instagram, understand the power of advertising on Facebook and learn about the best uses of online newsrooms.

I’ve seen a lot of changes over the years in the biz and I’m so thankful that our team continues to learn and adopt new technologies. Thanks to our team, I still ♥ to learn!

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