And why should I open your email?

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photo (10)Several of our clients target customers through email marketing – and with good reason. E-blasts have proven to be both a popular and effective tool. We often help bring these e-blasts to fruition which typically involves a solid team brainstorming session, content generation, email list compilation, copy writing and distribution.

In a recent post on, several marketing experts weighed in and shared what they thought gets customers to actually open those emails.

While perusing those comments, one thing kept popping up: SUBJECT LINE, SUBJECT LINE, SUBJECT LINE. One person even said “I’d even go as far as to say to invest 50% of your time into the headline and 50% into the content itself. It’s that important.”

Here are some other great tips that caught my attention:

  • “Mix valuable content with exclusive offers aimed at driving sales, & call out both in your subject line.”
  • “Tie in what’s going on in the world.” – Use trending topics to your advantage. Leverage current events and trends by tying it into your e-blast content.
  • “And don’t forget to test attention-grabbing subject lines against each other.” – Just some good ‘ole trial and error on this one.
  • “Lead with what they get.” You know we all have “USA Today Syndrome” – just get to the point.

What tactics do you use to get people reading? What makes you open e-blasts coming to your inbox?

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