When it comes to Facebook, does it pay to pay?

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Recently, we’ve been looking into the idea of promoted posts on Facebook and whether they are beneficial to our clients here at Full Circle PR.

By purchasing paid posts, brands have the opportunity to get their content in front of the eyes of more Facebook users. Promoted posts appear higher in newsfeeds, so there’s a better chance a brand’s audience will see them.

TechCrunch estimates that, without promotions, only 12% of a brand’s fans actually see a brand’s post in their newsfeed. Shocking right?

A brand’s page is typically a place to host content, as fans are 40 to 150 times more likely to consume branded material from their newsfeed than on the actual fan page itself. Additionally, the majority of Facebook users spend more time on their newsfeed – Mashable reported that the newsfeed is 110-times more engaging than other features.

Promoted posts have the ability to target the newsfeeds of people who like your page OR fans who like your page, plus their friends in order to boost your brand’s reach. Here’s a list of five reasons I’ve found for why brand’s should add Facebook’s promoted posts to their social media strategies:

  • Greater presence on newsfeeds
  • Increase fan growth
  • Boost the number of users reached
  • Drive traffic to the brand’s website
  • Ability to connect with consumers

Have you experienced success using Facebook’s promoted posts for your brands?

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