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We’ve had the good fortune to be involved in a lot of new business meetings lately. This is one of Kim’s and my favorite parts of our job: meeting with people and listening about the issues they’re facing as a brand, and talking through some solutions.

I’ve heard a recurring theme lately from some of the folks we’ve met. The statement goes something like this, “Our current PR firm is just too traditional. We don’t think they’re doing enough to get people talking about our brand. A lot of their ideas seem very dated.”

As public relations practitioners it’s our jobs, dare I say, the basis of our very existence, to keep up with the times. When I hear stories about some of the tactics some PR firms still utilize to try and communicate a message, it makes me shudder. Not because the tactics at their very core are incorrect – it’s just that the game has changed.

People don’t have time to read as much as they used to. We’re bombarded with 24/7 news cycles and then encouraged to use social media to talk about it. We’re accessing information from a multitude of devices, often all at one time. Brands can hardly keep up. But it’s the responsibility of their branding and PR partners to constantly evaluate the state of current communications channels and evolve. How does the saying go? Evolve or die?

There is no one size fits all PR plan for all companies. There are only problems and solutions. Challenges and opportunities. Just because you did it one way last year, doesn’t mean it has to be implemented that way this year.

When’s the last time you evaluated your PR program holistically, and asked yourself, “Are we keeping up with the times? Are we engaging with all of our audiences the way we need to? Do we have to do things the same way just because it’s tradition?”

If the answers are no, it might be time to look for a new partner. Specifically, look for a partner who understands the evolution of communications and is working hard to stay current with the constant onslaught of new technology. You want a partner that’s ahead of the curve, not fighting to keep up.

We’re constantly reviewing our programs here at Full Circle PR and bringing new ideas to our clients as ways to more fully and effectively communicate with their customers. We’re definitely not your traditional PR firm. We don’t roll with traditional. 

We roll with results.



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