3 email marketing examples that made me take action

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Email marketing works when it’s targeted to someone who is interested in receiving the message you’re sending.

That seems simple but it’s not.  I receive dozens of emails a day that I instantly delete because they have no bearing on my personal or professional interests.  However, instead of sharing those, I’ve provided three recent examples that made me take action.

Example 1: I listen to Pandora while at work, on a run and even sitting on the back porch. Pandora sent me an email several weeks ago to let me know they have a new Civil War Channel.  Intrigued, I tried it out.  The music genre wasn’t for me but at least I was receptive to the message.

Example 2: I have watched every season of Arrested Development on Netflix.  I think it’s hilarious and knew that the original cast was planning to introduce a Season 4 at some point but wasn’t sure when.  Would it be on T.V.? What channel would carry it?  When Netflix sent me a “final countdown” email letting me know all episodes of Season 4 would be available on May 26, I was so excited! They also included a trailer to the first episode of Season 4, as well as top 10 moments from Season 1 -3.  I will plan to watch every episode.  For sure.

Example 3: I have taken a strong interest in my faith over the past few months.  Along the way, there have been so many people who have supported this endeavor by sharing devotionals, scripture messages, book recommendations, etc.  I received a note from Proverbs 31 ministries – I’m signed up to receive messages from the non-profit Christian ministry – asking if I wanted to send a legacy gift to someone who had taken interest in my faith.  In fact, I did want to, and I did send a gift.

In conclusion, I receive SO many emails that aren’t targeted towards me in the least, so I take great joy in actually seeing messages that could possibly make me want to learn more or take action.

Have you received something in your in-box that has been worth of your time? I’d love to hear about it.

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