When Google doesn’t have the answer…Twitter might

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Ok, I’ll admit – I am a research lover. I truly enjoy finding answers, learning new information and memorizing my findings. I often find myself researching the meaning of a new word I heard in a conversation or looking up random statistics for something I saw on television.

My family thinks I have a problem, but it’s a great “problem” to have in the PR industry! Am I right? I know I have said this in previous blog posts, but researching is so important in all aspects of public relations.

Typically when people think of research they think of Google. Google is great for finding information and news articles, but have you ever thought about looking to social media platforms for information?

I know I have been on a Twitter kick lately, but it really is a great resource for not only sharing your brand and connecting with your audience, but also for research. In my opinion, Twitter has the best search features. You can type in phrases, words or hashtags and find people all over the world who have included these keywords in their name, description or recent tweets.

I guess you could say Twitter is my “go-to” outlet for information. Here are a few ways you could be using this social media outlet to quickly find information, too.

1. Finding bloggers – Even after some deep digging on Google, it can be hard to find bloggers in a specific area that reach your desired audience. One thing I’ve realized in my experience is that the majority of bloggers also have a Twitter page to cross promote their blog, and you can usually find them by searching key buzz words.

For Example, we were trying to locate mom blogs in Chester County, Pa. recently. Nothing was coming up on Google, but by searching “Chester County kids” on Twitter we found some awesome Mom blogs.

2. Getting to know your media – Sometimes it can be hard to figure out the interest of an editor based on the stories they write. When talking to them it’s always nice to know what their personality is like so you can better tailor your pitch. Twitter feeds can reveal a lot about someone.

3. Determining local outlets – In researching publications for local stops in the Kyle Petty Charity Ride, we’ve run into some roadblocks looking on Google and media databases. Twitter has been a great resource to find out who are the main influencers talking about the happenings within these smaller towns.

Twitter is a great resource for sharing your brand, but also for researching and I think it is often overlooked. I would highly recommend it, especially for PR professionals.

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