The value of staying informed

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With several client events right around the corner, I have found myself extremely busy pitching media, creating social media content and scheduling interviews. Generating new content and spreading the word about my clients are great things to be doing as a PR professional, but it is also valuable to see what’s going on in my brand’s industries.


It’s important to not only share information, but also review what other brands are doing and what news outlets are covering. This information is essential, and failing to keep up with the latest industry updates can really get you behind.

Let me give you an example. Recently, amidst all the pitching, phone calls and emails I was attending to, I realized a competitor in the retail industry scored an awesome placement in a huge publication. While this may kill a PR pro’s ego, much like mine, it can definitely serve as a wake up call.

On a more positive note, last week Liza found a great article calling for pitches directly relating to one of our client’s in the retail industry. We were able to jump in a quick brainstorming session and reach out to the publication. Had Liza not taken the time to read up on her PR blogs that day, we would have missed out on a great opportunity.

While it is impossible to research every publication in your industry everyday of the week, I would highly encourage jumping on your brand’s twitter feed, scrolling through subscribed blogs and scanning the homepages of trade publications in your industry. It only takes about thirty minutes out of your day and it can keep you informed. Who knows, it may even give you that little extra insight to stay ahead of your brand’s competitors.

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