Pinterest doubles as an event planning tool!

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Well, that might be a bit of an overstatement. However, Pinterest recently did prove to be a good resource as I was looking for inspiration when brainstorming event theme ideas.

Here’s a few things I recommend:

  • Create a specific board to help categorize your ideas
  • Pin images to your board if you run across something interesting while browsing the internet
  • Search for pins on Pinterest with interesting photos or ideas by using key words
  • Consider inviting a collaborator to contribute to your board

But what did we do before Pinterest came along? The social media site is actually only three years old! Thinking back to BP (Before – Pinterest), here are a couple places I turned to for inspiration:

  • Magazines or books
  • Events or trade shows (yes, about planning events and trade shows)
  • Brainstorm sessions with colleagues (these still prove to be incredibly useful!)
  • Days of contemplation and hoping that the most brilliant idea surfaces, usually when you least expect it

What else do you use to conjure ideas for event planning and booth themes? Have you had success setting up a Pinterest board with collaborators?

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